Important message for ALL members

The Grand Aerie communicated that as of last week Dues Reminders had still not been sent out. (They were supposed to be sent out on March 28th.) The reason for the delay stated in the email is that they were unable to have enough envelopes available due to a National paper shortage. The email continues to say that they are working with other printing partners in order to get these sent out. As of now there was not a date mentioned when this could be.

With all this said, there is no need to wait for the reminders to be sent out. There are renewal envelopes up at the club for you all to drop off your dues for the upcoming year. I encourage you to please take advantage of this option.

Yearly dues are to be paid by May 31st, so let’s hope the Grand Aerie will get this situation resolved quickly. I know not everyone will see this post, so please share the info with any members that may not see this and need to pay their dues.

Thank you,
Craig Kotowicz
Aerie Secretary