REAC is an acronym for Retired Eagles Activities Club. Its membership is made up of Aerie and Auxiliary members and participating spouses all at least sixty years of age or fifty five years of age and retired. The purpose of REAC is to promote the participation of its members in and their enjoyment of leisure time, social, recreational, cultural, charitable and community service activities.

REAC Officers

Gary Winfield

Vice President
Betty Fromwiller

Past President
Lois Gates

Larry Fromwiller

Dave Gates

Sergeant of Arms
Jan Fowler

Maggie Scanlon

Proud Benefactor

Although their numbers are few, REAC has made a difference in making significant donations to charitable organizations with our community since 1999. Not only do they give financial; they also like to get involved personally, often volunteering their personal time and labor. A few of the organizations that have benefitted from REAC are listed below.

• Disaster Relief Fund
• Whaley Home, Child Advocacy Center
• Camp Quality
• Muscular Dystrophy Association
• Genesys Child Relief
• Burton (Davison) FOE Youth Club
• American Cancer Society

REAC Charter Members January 6, 1999

William J. Stemple Larry Fromwiller Jack R. Burrows
Franklin D. Curier Betty Fromwiller David G. Taylor
LeRoy B. Penoyer Roger Stephens Claudine Brown
Sadie Gopota Celia Stephens Peggy Ward
Chick Zapata Nancy M. Price Clifford Pendleton
Floyd Stanbaugh Patricia A. Chiszek Sandra Spence
Maxine Goodar John W. Sally Thomas
Jay Laugh Lois G. Adams Suzanne Gritzinger
Olabelle M. Penoyer Ila Rice Clifford Gritzinger
Isabel Clancy John Peterson Barbara Winfield
Ronald D Gagnon Linda Boots Henry D. Spence
Pasty A. Gagnon James Boots Gerald Winfield
Jane E. Amlotte E. Joann Burrows

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