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Liberty ~ Truth
Justice ~ Equality
For Home ~ For Country
And for God.

Fraternal Order of Eagles

We are the Davison Eagles Aerie 3589

The Fraternal Order of Eagles is an international non-profit organization uniting fraternally in the spirit of liberty, truth, justice, and equality, to make human life more desirable by lessening its ills and promoting peace, prosperity, gladness and hope.

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Upon the recommendation of two members of the F.O.E. anyone of good moral character who is at least eighteen years of age and believes in the existence of a Supreme Being is eligible for membership in the FOE.  We will contact you about eligibility.


Aerie 3589 is the Proud Home of State Officers

Jerry Crosby Past Worthy State President

Jerry Crosby
Past Worthy State President

Maggie Scanlon Past State Madam President

Maggie Scanlon
Past State Madam President

Tina Shephard State Madam Vice President

Tina Shephard
State Madam Vice President

Aerie Recognition

Kelly Fox
Eagle of the Year

Cindy Turton
Eagle Rider of the Year

Lynn Young
Mother of the Year

Angie Rushlow
Mother of the Year

Brenda Rushlow
Grandmother of the Year

Jeff Stevens
Father of the Year

Join us in helping communities everywhere.

We're one of the most storied fraternal organizations in the world.

Every day, our members are hard at work, improving their communities and making life better for all. Be a part of something great. Be an Eagle.


Summary About the Eagles

The City of Flags Aerie 3589 is more commonly known as the “Davison Eagles”. In nature, an aerie is the lofty nest of any bird of prey, such as an eagle or a hawk. Therefore in the Fraternal Order of Eagles, the word Aerie serves as the name of the building in which the group regularly meets and in which it hosts events. Brother Robert Myers is credited as having been responsible for organizing the Davison Eagles in November 1974 and obtaining our Aerie Charter through the Grand Aerie that December. At that time there was 104 members; today membership in over 800. If you combine that with the Ladies Auxiliary, membership in the Davison Eagles is in excess of 1,300 members.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary is an international non-profit organization believing in Home, Country, God and Loyalty; united in carrying out the charitable, humanitarian, patriotic and other efforts to which the Fraternal Order of Eagles is dedicated. The Ladies’ Auxiliary traces its roots back to 1927 and now there are more than 1,300 Auxiliaries with more than 250,000 members. The City of Flags Ladies Auxiliary proudly has over 500 members.

REAC is an acronym for Retired Eagles Activities Club. Its membership is made up of Aerie and Auxiliary members and participating spouses all at least sixty years of age or fifty five years of age and retired. The purpose of REAC is to promote the participation of its members in and their enjoyment of leisure time, social, recreational, cultural, charitable and community service activities.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles was founded on February 6, 1898. The organization was formed by six theater owners sitting on a pile of lumber in Moran’s shipyard in Seattle, Washington. They were competitors who had come together to discuss a musicians’ strike. After deciding how to handle the strike, they agreed to “bury the hatchet” and form an organization dubbed, “The Order of Good Things.”

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