History and Information for Davison Eagles Ladies Auxiliary

The Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary is an international non-profit organization believing in Home, Country, God and Loyalty; united in carrying out the charitable, humanitarian, patriotic and other efforts to which the Fraternal Order of Eagles is dedicated. The Ladies' Auxiliary traces its roots back to 1927 and now there are more than 1,300 Auxiliaries with more than 250,000 members. The City of Flags Ladies Auxiliary proudly has over 600 members.

Proud sponsor of the "Davison Eagles Annual Scotch Doubles Bowling Tournament" in honor of Nanette Welch for the Kidney Foundation, McLaren Hospital.

Auxiliary Officers

Madam President
Stacy Goodar

Madam Vice President
Evelyn Stewart

Past Madam President
Marcy Fox

Madam Chaplain
D’Andrea Stinson

Madam Secretary
Becky Leffler

Madam Treasurer
Teri Webber

Madam Conductor
Vicky Darnell

Madam Inside Guard
Tina Shephard

Madam Outside Guard
Mary Sands

Madam Trustee
Kathy Stevens

Madam Trustee
Debbie LeClaire

Madam Trustee
Carrie Butterfield

Auxiliary Auditor
Connie Harger

Meeting Times

The Auxiliary Meetings are held on every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm. New Member Initiation is held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month during the Auxiliary Meeting.

Special Announcements

Membership dues are due May 31st of each year. If not paid before July 1st, membership is dropped and re-enrollment requires that you re-join as a Welcome Back Brother (Sister for Auxiliary page) possibly forfeiting some benefits.

Davison Eagles Auxiliary 3589 is enrolled in the New Cash for Class Program.

Proud Benefactor

The Ladies’ Auxiliary is the backbone to the Davison Eagles charitable donations to organizations throughout our community and elsewhere in the United States. They are the epitome of our motto “People helping People”. The Ladies’ Auxiliary over the past thirty-eight years has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to benefit families and charities, a few of which are listed below:

McLaren Hospital Kidney Foundation McLaren Hospice
Logan’s Heroes Annual Cruise, the Phelan-Mcdermid Syndrome Foundation Diabetes Research Center, Iowa University
Scholarship Fund for Graduating High School Students McLaren Hospital Diabetes and Kidney Foundation
Whaley Home, Child Advocacy Center Breast Cancer
Davison Care & Share Davison Community Schools, D.A.R.E.
American Heart Association Davison Outreach East

Auxiliary Charter Members November 3, 1974

Adams, Susan E. Goodar, Maxine M. Procunier, Mazelle L
Akers, Wilma L. Gray, Barbara Ann Rayburn, Elizabeth A.
Anderson, Patrician Grierson, Marjorie Dean Rayner, Madeline K.
Ash, Betty M. Harlan, Eloise Rich, Rosemary
Badour, Dorothy T. Hart, Esther M. Ritter, Shirley A.
Ballard, Glenda J. Hartley, Dorothy C. Rogers, Jane M.
Ballard, Mildred Haynes, Harriet L. Ross, B. Jean
Benson, Pamela M. Jacobi, Joan G. Ross, Wanda
Bradford, Phyllis D. Kennedy, Edna E. Sayad, Gail M.
Bradley, Marcia L. Kennedy, Eloise A. Sherbenaut, Wilma B.
Butler, Mary L. Keskes, Barbara A. Slobodian, Rosemary J.
Buysse, Janice M. King, Marguerite L. Smith, Euwelda S.
Card, Patricia LaGraff, Hazel Smith, Katherine W.
Carmean, Irene J, Madden, Jane M. Smith, Mary C.
Carr, Kathleen J. McPherson, Fern L. Smith, Sandra Kay
Caryl, Mary Ellen Mescock, Sharon Lee Smith, Susan A.
Church, Ruth M. Metzger, Linda E. Sunday, Donna M.
Compton, Elinor Mills, Betty J. Sunday, Jacqueline
Cook, Elsie Jane Murphy, Lorraine M Swartz, Mildred L.
Crim, Lila F. Nowak, Janet L. Swartz, Mildred M.
Cummings, Liquori Page, Anna M. Taylor, Alma A.
Deming, Anna M. Panos, Betty J. Van Valkenberg, Mary E.
Diehl, Irene L. Panos, Denise L. Ward, Sharon L.
DuFore, Bonnie L. Panos, Thalia M. Watts, Elaine F.
Eagleson, Rose M. Payne, Alyce J. Weatherwax, Iris M.
Ex, Dorothy G. Payton, Donna M. Westrand, Angela M.
Ford, Dorothy L. Perry, Shelley A. White, Ann E.
Frazier, June F. Phillips, Audrey L. Wiseman, Barbara S.
Fritzler, Marian L. Podeski, DawnK. Wright, Vera E.
Gleason, Ellen M. Press, Thelma Zudell, Andrea L.

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