Attention All Members…

There was an issue with the Grand Aerie sending out the 1st set of dues payment reminders. They were supposed to be sent out on Monday, March 28th, however due to the issue, they were delayed and I was told they were sent out on Monday, April 11th. Members should hopefully start seeing those reminders in the mail anytime now. With that said, the 2nd set of reminders were to go out on Monday, April 25th, however I was informed that will be pushed back now, so members can get their payments sent in & Secretaries will have time to process those payments. This is important because each club is charged per member every time the Grand Aerie sends out a batch of the reminders. Just wanted to update everybody with what I was told was going on & let everyone know how important it is to get your payments in as quickly as possible, which will only save our club money for not being charged for extra reminders being sent out by the Grand Aerie.

There are renewal envelopes available up at the club that you can drop your payment off there of course and not wait for the renewal reminder.

Thank you,
Craig Kotowicz
Aerie Secretary