We are going to reopen the inside bar on Monday 7-6-2020. The new mandated guidelines are 1. You must wear a face mask upon entry to the club once you reach your seat you can remove your mask.
2. A waitress will come you your table and take your order.
3. If you need to leave your seat you must put your mask back on.
4. There is no standing in line at the bar to place or receive a drink order.
5. Please practice social distancing at all times
6. You will be allowed to set at the bar, please do not place extra chairs at the bar.
7. This COVID-19 problem has been a difficult process for everyone to deal with, seems like there is new problem every couple of weeks to deal with. The Davison Trustees appreciate each and every member patients and understanding as we navigate thru these difficult times.

Thank you, Davison Eagles Trustees