February 22, 2020

The band was formed in 1999 to play a retirement party for an Uncle of two of the band’s members. After the party, they realized there was something more to the group than they originally anticipated. With the talent each musician brought to the table, they decided to enter a Talent Show to test their connection. Not even a formal band yet, they took 1st place. Needing a name ASAP they decided to take over the name IMAGE, which was the name of Bryan and Greg’s father’s band in the early 80’s. Playing a lot of the same style music and even some of the same venues, IMAGE was revived for the twenty-first century. The band originally was made up of two sets of brothers and two friends: Jason, the guitarist with a quick ear and the fingers to match; Tommy, the bassist with pounding low riffs; Brandon and Brent, a set of brothers bringing the unique piercing sound of saxophones as identical twins; and Bryan and Greg, the other set of brothers beating the drums and banging on the ivories. In more recent years, Davey, an original member from the 1980’s IMAGE, came to join the group and jam on the keys too. After two years of writing and booking, IMAGE recorded their first album. IMAGE released the album “Six Months Too Late” in 2002, a half a year after they thought they would, i.e. six months too late. The album was a mix of rock, blues, and boogie featuring the band’s ingenuity; a unique style for a world of conformity but merely only a start for IMAGE. IMAGE has played in clubs all over Genesee County, has done private partys all over the state of Michigan, and has done benefits where ever and whenever asked. IMAGE has also competed in numerous Battle of the Bands taking 1st place a large majority of the time. Currently, IMAGE is still going strong and is planning on a second album to be released in the near future. So keep you eyes and ears open for some of the new music to start hitting the scene.