Noticing a lot of your dues concerns are coming from members who sent them in March or April. I'm seeing on average a 3 week postal service delay just to get to our club. For example my wife just received her dues notice yesterday (May 20th) and it was sent from the Grand Aerie on April 29th. Seems to be that anything sent from end of April to Mid or even late March has been severely delayed getting to its destination. It seems to be getting better now though and I believe we hopefully have everyone's dues that are concerned. I personally have 1 stack left to go through today that I picked up Tuesday at the club. As always if you are concerned and want to check on your dues status, feel free to contact me or Auxiliary Secretary Connie D Anderson Harger . Most likely we now have them and have processed the cards, maybe not cashed the check though as that is happening now every couple weeks. We will get through these crazy times. Thanks for your support and patience. Stay safe and healthy! Can't wait to see you all when we're open again. – Craig Kotowicz, Aerie Secretary