I want to thank everyone that helped make the Kid’s Easter Party a success. Summer Steward, Jeannie Burke, Brenda Rushlow, Marsha Vaughn, Kelly Burke-Smith and my Co-Chair, Teri Webber. Special thanks to our Easter Bunny, Evelyn Stewart for keeping that suit on throughout the entire time without complaint and making each child feel special. This party would have been near impossible to have done it alone, so thank you Summer for being there both days helping decorate and stuff eggs, Jeannie for being the shopper, and “craft master” by entertaining the kids and creating a craft for them, Brenda, Marsha & their family for helping with cleanup & returning things to their proper places, Kelly for doing all of the face painting for anyone that wanted it, even though she had a child there of her own, & Teri for the pinata “challenge”, helping with the games or where ever she was needed, and clean up. Seriously, couldn’t have done it without all of you! You were all the superstars of the entire event!! Thank you again!!