Happy Wednesday All!

Last night at the Aerie meeting, nominations were held for Aerie officer positions for the 2022-2023 Eagle Year. There is not a need for an election as all positions were uncontested. I am proud to announce your Aerie Officers for the upcoming year:

Worthy President – Michael LeClaire
Worthy Vice President – Mark Winfield
Junior Worthy Past President – Kurt Nowland
Worthy Chaplain – Chas Tower
Worthy Secretary – Craig Kotowicz
Worthy Treasurer – Stephen Brown
Worthy Conductor – Jerry Butterfield
Worthy Inside Guard – John Powers
Worthy Outside Guard – Kevin Thomas

Worthy Trustees – Kelly Fox, Larry Fromwiller, Bob Peek, Greg Sayles, Kyle Sibbald, Joshua Swanagon, Rex Sweers

Aerie Auditor – Gary Winfield

Looking forward to another great year! Installation of all Aerie & Auxiliary Officers will be held on Friday, June 3rd.