Good afternoon everyone! Hopefully everyone is doing well, and staying safe. I'm posting my April Newsletter here early. Please be sure to check our website for other news and April's news letter will be out soon!

April is here, please everyone pray that this month will begin a turning point for our country and the world at large. Just when we thought the world couldn't get much crazier, between the weather and politics we now have this latest virus to contend with. Hopefully you all are holding out well and staying healthy. If you are like me, events like this really confirm the value of the sanctuary we call the Davison Eagles. Normally when we have crisis or other worldly events we have our club to which we can find comfort and solace. Whether it's sharing opinions and venting about any given subject. Comforting someone in need, or celebrating a new event or achievement over one of our favorite beverages! Maybe it's just enjoying some entertainment to take our minds off the any number of things it's going on in our own world. Our club is great oasis that I'm sure most of us are missing dearly. Please continue to use social media to keep tabs on each other, and please reach out to those out there that don't have the means, by calling one another. Not all of us have a great network of friends and family outside of the Eagles. Lets continue being "people helping people!"

So let's all pray that we all get through the month of April safe and healthy, and I look forward to seeing all of you hopefully very soon! Your Proud Worthy President Mike LeClaire!