Last year’s annual dues process was a bit of a mess & some confusion with Covid ramping up, the club being closed & the Grand Aerie sending multiple reminders to members that had already paid. With all of that going on, there were many members that “double paid” for their dues last year. Most of you I have been in touch with and the 2nd payment was applied to this year’s fees. The following members paid twice last year & are all paid up for this year’s annual dues. Paid through May 31, 2022. You should not receive any reminders from the Grand Aerie, but if you do, please disregard. I will have your new cards up to the club tonight after our Aerie Meeting.

Members who paid twice last year and are now paid thru 5/31/22 are as follows:

Charles E Boots
Marvin S. Foster
Dennis E. Gepfrey
Joseph Ty Haight
Ronald “Pete” Harlow
Daniel W. Hill
Mark A Meinecke
Kurt A Minto
George W. Parsons
Stephen Rowley
Michael A Sanchez
Bradley “Bud” Sullivan
William Thee
John G Tokar
Joe Wilkerson

Please feel free to tag anybody on this list and let them know that they are all set for the upcoming year & their card will be at the club tonight.

Craig Kotowicz
Worthy Aerie Secretary