Eagle Rider's are members of the Eagle's who are Motorcycle Riders or who support the events of the Eagle Riders. The purpose of the Eagle Riders is to promote the participation of its members in and their enjoyment of leisure time, social, recreational, cultural, charitable and community services activities. The idea of organizing a group of riders out of the Davison Eagles was that of Bob Gean and Kelly Fox while at Sturgis Bike Week in 2005. Upon their return they shared their idea with a few other members that were riders and quickly organized. The Grand Aerie issued the Charter for the Davison Eagle Riders on October 3, 2007 making them the very first Eagle Riders in the State of Michigan.


 Sept. 15 , 2017
Friday Evening Steak Fry & Bike Night
Every other Friday beginning, Sept 25, 2017
Dinner 5p-7p

The Nightmare Trail, Friday & Saturday Night for two weekends
October 20th, 21st, and 27th & 28th. $10.00 a person.

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Dave (Gabby) Gilbert

Vice President
Kevin Thomas

Shelly Diamond

Road Captain
Joshua Swanagon

Krista Luke

Road Captain
David Uptegraff

Sue Swanagon



The Davison Eagle Riders are not a Motorcycle Club, they're simply Eagle members who have a shared interest in riding and having fun together. They are Eagles first; they are "people helping people" their way! The Davison Eagle Riders are responsible for thousands of dollars being donated to charity each year.

    -  Riding 4 the Ribbon, Breast Cancer
    -  Davison Eagle Riders Prostate Cancer Charity Ride
    -  Logan's Heroes,the Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation
    - Hurley Medical Center, Burn Unit
    - MDA
    - Davison Care and Share
    - Camp Quality USA


Proud Sponsors of "the Annual Davison Eagle Rider's Prostate Cancer Charity Ride".

Kenneth (Pudge) Austin Don (Music Man) Brock Guy (Deadeye) Childers
Rodd (Prick) Chrivia Rodney (Slider) Diamond Shelly Diamond
Leigh (Momma D) Durkin Kelly (Trouble) Fox Pam (Turbo) Fox
Donald Gaby Robert ( Mumbles) Gean David (Gabby) Gilbert
Doug (Dougie) Graham Ann ( Anny) Griggs Danny (Gripper) Griggs
Gary (Sandman) Gutteridge Bill Johnson Gary (Rain Man) Jones
Sandra (Spider Lady) Kipp, Michael (2-Bit) LeClaire David Mata
Greg (Carty) McCarty Hugh McCracken Michael McDonald
Gale (High Life) Monroe Marvin (Hardwood) Nowland Chris (Chrissie) Patten
Brian Reynolds Eric (Big E) Ross Freeman (Scrap Iron) Saumier
Robert (Curt) Scott Scott Shephard Michael (Mikey) Siegler
Anthony (Tony) Stearns Jeff Stevens Rich Sumner
Joshua (Irishman) Swanagon Jeff Swanson Kevin Thomas
Jim (Ski) Ulanski JoAnn Ulanski Connie (Blondie) Uptegraff
David (Goose) Uptegraff Lynn Williams


Chris Biazza Dave Gilbert John L. Paris
Jennifer Burda Rodney Herriman Bob Peek
Guy Childers Travis Herriman Mike Reed
Rod Diamond Bob Isaacson Robbie Robson
Bill Dowd Bill Johnson Freeman Saumier
Alvin F. Fielder Terry Lee James Sizemore
Steve Flynn Greg McCarty Pam Snyder
Kelly Fox John McCrea Rich Sumner
Kevin Gean Brad McKenner Jeff Swanson
Robert Gean Greg Murray John Taylor
Tim Wrobel