The City of Flags Aerie 3589 is more commonly known as the "Davison Eagles". In nature, an aerie is the lofty nest of any bird of prey, such as an eagle or a hawk. Therefore in the Fraternal Order of Eagles, the word Aerie serves as the name of the building in which the group regularly meets and in which it hosts events. Brother Robert Myers is credited as having been responsible for organizing the Davison Eagles in November 1974 and obtaining our Aerie Charter through the Grand Aerie that December. At that time there was 104 members; today membership in over 800. If you combine that with the Ladies Auxiliary, membership in the Davison Eagles is in excess of 1,300 members.


Junior Past Worthy President
Kurt Nowland

Worthy President
Mike LeClaire

Worthy Vice-President
Tony Stearns

Worthy Chaplin
Chas Tower

Worthy Secretary
Craig Kotowicz

Worthy Treasurer
Stephen Brown

Worthy Conductor
Rick Bernyk

Worthy Inside Guard
John Powers

Worthy Outside Guard
Kevin Stoutenburg

Worthy Trustee
Rex Sweers

Worthy Trustee
Larry Fromwiller

Worthy Trustee
Bob Peek

Worthy Trustee
Scott Shepard

Worthy Trustee
Jeff Stevens

Worthy Trustee
David Turton

Worthy Trustee
David Uptegraff

Aerie Auditor
Gary Winfield





The Aerie Meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7 pm. New Member Initiation is held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month during the Aerie Meeting.


Membership dues is due May 31st of each year. If not paid by September 15th the following year, membership is dropped and re-enrollment requires that you re-join as a welcome back brother losing previous seniority.


The Davison Eagles have been host to a great number of events not only benefiting charitable organizations but also families and individuals in need throughout our community since it was established in 1974. Each year the Davison Eagles host dozens of fundraisers to benefit others. This is done through concerts, banquets, riding events, band performances, gaming events and sporting events. We also support other businesses and community organizations with their fundraising efforts by facilitating their events. Although our motto is "People helping People" for the Davison Eagles it's more about being a good neighbor.


Hurley Medical Center, Burn Unit, Muscular Dystrophy Association
Ride 4 the Ribbon, Breast Cancer Burton (Davison) FOE Youth Club
Davison Care & Share McLaren Foundation for Pulmonary Rehabilitation
The Eastern Food Bank of Michigan American Legion Post 267, Davison
Logan's Heroes, the Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation Veterans of Foreign War, Post 4087
American Cancer Society Davison Senior High School Bowling Teams
Davison Outreach East Kearsley High School Bowling Teams
  Camp Quality



Adams, Richard W. Gunsell, Willis Panos, Thomas Jr.
Akers, John L. Handy, David W. Payton, Charles
Anderson, Gary E. Harlan, Norman Penzer, Raymond
Ash, Ralph R. Harneck, Donald E. Perry, Mark R.
Badour, Willard P. Hartley, Lee Petitti, Danial S.
Ballard, Larry C. Haynes, Dallas E. Phillips, Donald
Ballard, Wayne E. Ignash, Daniel L. Phillips, John P.
Billings, Bernard Jacobi, Harry T. Rayner, Owen M.
Bradford, Thomas M. Kashnerskick, Roger Rich, Donald
Brodeaur, Leroy F. Jr. Kennedy, Clifford Richert, Patrick A.
Brown, Dave E. Kennedy, Glen J. Ritter, William E.
Card, James J. Kennedy, Glen S. Rogers, John D.
Carr, Eugene W. Kennedy, Jack L. Ross, Harold
Church, Arnold L. Kerr, David St. Pierre, Paul
Cocke, Richard Keskes, Joseph Sherbenaut, Charles
Coen, Michael King, Jack H. Siple, Marvin L.
Cook, Charles C. LaBean, Richard Slobodian, George T.
Coon, Allen Madden, Martin R. Smith, Darwin G.
Covert, William J. McAley, Robert J. Smith, Jesse M.
Crim, Bobby McClellan, Jay Smith, Joseph C.
Cummings, Willis J. McKeage, Daryl Smith, Richard
Dellaperuto, Anothony McPherson, Danny Lee Smith, Tracy L.
Deming, William F. Merrifield, Frank Swartz, Richard
Diehl, Elwood J. Metzger, Kenneth Swartz, Walter G.
Dort, Dale L. Miller, Michael F. Sweet, Don E.
Eagleson, Lawrence Miller, Michael M. Taylor, Craig F.
Eagleson, Robert Murphy, Thomas E. Tocarchick, Donald M.
Ex, Clarence W. Myers, Robert W. Trahan, Valmore
Ex, Richard Nix, Herschel Tyler, Tim
Frazier, William Nowak, Robert J. Watts, Ellis F.
Fritzler, Albert Osborn, Joseph E. White, Frank
Gilbert, Gary L. Page, David R. Williams, Fred Jr.
Gleason, Eldon M. Palka, William J. Williams, W. G.
Goodar, Robert Panos, Peter Wiseman, Doyan J.
Grohaski, Wayne Panos, Thomas